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Label material

Self-adhesive labels are used in an enormous number of applications. Equally diverse are the selections of different materials, coating (label surface) and the adhesives used. 

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Polyester labels

Polyester labels are highly durable and résistant to temperatures. As a result of these characteristics they are especially applicable for the permanent labeling of items in rough environments like steel, construction and automotive industry.

Textile labels

The textile labels of our product range are made of plastic coated tissue whose outstanding properties are for example very high tear resistance, great smoothness and high adherence.

Safety labels

Our safety labels are the right choice for all situations where manipulation needs to be securely shown or even prevented.

High temperature labels

Extremely high temperatures arise in the production of circuit board, but also in the steel and aluminium production. Therefore you need high temperature labels which meet these high requirements. EKS Etiketten is the right partner for these implementations.

PVC labels

The PVC labels, also known als vinyl labels, are very flexible and are characterized by a high smoothness.

Polyethylene labels

The polyethylene labels are often used for mass labeling with normal material requirements. They are considered as „plastic“ alternative to paper labels as they are resistant to water and moisture.

TAG labels

Our TAG labels / hangtags are the optimal choice everywhere the bonding ofself-adhesive labels is too cumbersome, insecure or simply not possible. You can use them with a slide-in pocket, attach with wire or tacker respectively pin down.

Paper labels

Even if the paper labels belong to the mass-produced items our paper-range differs from the generally offered self-adhesive labels. Our strength ist he production of high quality roll materials.

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