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Labels for disinfectants

Since 5th of March 2020 the pharmacies are allowed to produce and to bottle biocide-products based on 2-propanol, 1-propanol and ethanol for hygienic hand desinfection and handle over to the professional users – based on article 55, paragraph 1 of the regulation (EU) no 528/2012 – more specifically organisations like fire departments or hospitals.

Certain reuqirements should be noted on the label, like the marking of the GHS-symbol, safety instructions and the lot-number. These information should be easily legible, wipe-resistant and resistant in case of contact with the disinfectants.

You are optimally equipped with our overall package of printer Epson Colorworks C3500, the label-software Nicelabel and our labels to label correctly desinfection bottles, desinfection vessels, desinfection containers and canister containing disinfectant.

The label-material PP-I WM13 is prefectly suitable for this application. It has been developed especially for appli-cations in harsch environments and is also resistant to seawater based on the certification BS 5609.