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Polyester labels white PET-W 02

Our polyester labels white have all important characteristics which are needed for a reliable marking. A high adhesive strength, a very good resistance and an excellent printability and readability from EKS-Etiketten.


  • High to very high adhesive strength
  • Mechanically highly durable
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils and greases
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light and weatherproof
  • Very good printability and barcode-readability
  • UL listed
  • Temperature resistance -40°C to +150 °C

Areas of application:

  • Bonding on smooth to lightly-structured surfaces
  • For flat to slightly curved surfaces
  • Equipment and component labeling
  • Type and rating plates, signs
  • For temperature ranges of up to +150°C

Versions available

designationwidthhighrowroll width
Polyester Labels white10x10 mm1010344
Polyester Stickers white12x124 mm12124118
Stickers Polyester white13x7 mm137590
Polyester Labels white15x6 mm156,46105
Polyester Stickers white16x9 mm1695105
Stickers Polyester white17x5 mm16,55,1480
Polyester Labels white18x5 mm185488
Polyester Stickers white18x8 mm1884105
Stickers Polyester white18x12 mm18124105
Polyester Labels white18x13 mm1812,74105
Polyester Stickers white19x6 mm19,16,4485
Stickers Polyester white20x8 mm2084105
Polyester Labels white20x9 mm2094105
Polyester Stickers white20x20 mm20204105
Stickers Polyester white23x6 mm22,96,4385
Polyester Labels white23x13 mm2313385
Polyester Stickers white24x16 mm2416385
Stickers Polyester whiteØ 24 R mm2424260
Polyester Labels white25x10 mm25,410265
Polyester Stickers white25x13 mm25,412,7385
Stickers Polyester white26x37 mm2637394
Polyester Labels white27x18 mm26,517,5395
Polyester Stickers white28x23 mm2823270
Stickers Polyester white29x22 mm2922270
Polyester Labels white30x15 mm3015272
Polyester Stickers whiteØ 30 R mm30323105
Stickers Polyester white32x9 mm31,89,4270
Polyester Labels white34x30 mm3430280
Polyester Stickers whiteØ 35 R mm3535285
Stickers Polyester white35x250 mm35250285
Polyester Labels white36x13 mm3612,7144
Polyester Stickers white36x13 mm3612,7280
Stickers Polyester white36x150 mm36149,9280
Polyester Labels white37x9 mm379285
Polyester Stickers white38x6 mm38,16,4285
Stickers Polyester white38x13 mm3813290
Polyester Labels white38x19 mm3819285
Polyester Stickers white38x23 mm3823144
Stickers Polyester white38x23 mm3823285
Polyester Labels white40x10 mm4010290
Polyester Stickers white40x20 mm4020190
Stickers Polyester white40x25 mm4025148
Polyester Labels white40x25 mm4025290
Polyester Stickers white40x30 mm4030290
Stickers Polyester white40x40 mm40402100
Polyester Labels white41x33 mm4133295
Polyester Stickers white45x11 mm45111105
Stickers Polyester white45x20 mm4520156
Polyester Labels white45x20 mm4520160
Polyester Stickers white45x23 mm4523156
Stickers Polyester white45x30 mm4530154
Polyester Labels white45x40 mm45402100
Polyester Stickers white45x41 mm45412105
Stickers Polyester white47x38 mm4738253
Polyester Labels white48x8 mm488156
Polyester Stickers white48x24 mm4824156
Stickers Polyester white49x38 mm4938156
Polyester Labels white50x5 mm505156
Polyester Stickers white50x18 mm5018156
Stickers Polyester white50x18 mm50182110
Polyester Labels white50x20 mm5020156
Polyester Stickers white50x22 mm5022156
Stickers Polyester white50x30 mm5030156
Polyester Labels white50x35 mm5035156
Polyester Stickers white50x35 mm50352106
Stickers Polyester white50x50 mm5050156
Polyester Labels white50x150 mm50149,51100
Polyester Stickers white51x25 mm50,825,4156
Stickers Polyester white52x28 mm5228156
Polyester Labels white52x38 mm5238156
Polyester Stickers white53x12 mm5312170
Stickers Polyester white53x27 mm5327157
Polyester Labels white53x30 mm5330157
Polyester Stickers white55x15 mm5515170
Stickers Polyester white55x30 mm5530159
Polyester Labels white55x35 mm5535165
Polyester Stickers white56x10 mm569,5170
Stickers Polyester white58x10 mm589,5170
Polyester Labels white58x28 mm5828165
Polyester Stickers white60x12 mm6012170
Stickers Polyester white60x15 mm60152135
Polyester Labels white60x18 mm6017,5170
Polyester Stickers white60x20 mm6020170
Stickers Polyester white60x33 mm6032,5170
Polyester Labels white60x34 mm6034170
Polyester Stickers white60x36 mm60361135
Stickers Polyester white60x40 mm6040170
Polyester Labels white60x45 mm6045170
Polyester Stickers white60x48 mm6048166
Stickers Polyester whiteØ 60 R mm6060165
Polyester Labels white60x250 mm60250170
Polyester Stickers white62x9 mm629170
Stickers Polyester white64x15 mm6415170
Polyester Labels white65x26 mm6526170
Polyester Stickers white67x4 mm674180
Stickers Polyester white70x25 mm7025,4180
Polyester Labels white70x32 mm7032180
Polyester Stickers white70x40 mm7040180
Stickers Polyester white70x45 mm7045180
Polyester Labels white70x50 mm7050180
Polyester Stickers white70x60 mm7060180
Stickers Polyester white70x150 mm70149,9180
Polyester Labels white72x22 mm7222180
Polyester Stickers white72x35 mm7235180
Stickers Polyester white73x36 mm72,935,8180
Polyester Labels white74x19 mm7419180
Polyester Stickers white74x26 mm7426180
Stickers Polyester white74x37 mm7437180
Polyester Labels white75x35 mm7535180
Polyester Stickers white75x45 mm7545181
Stickers Polyester white76x50 mm75,549,5185
Polyester Labels white76x6 mm76,26,4180
Polyester Stickers white76x25 mm76,225,4180
Stickers Polyester white76x51 mm76,250,8180
Polyester Labels white80x8 mm808184
Polyester Stickers white80x25 mm8025185
Stickers Polyester white80x30 mm8030185
Polyester Labels white80x40 mm8040185
Polyester Stickers white80x45 mm8045186
Stickers Polyester white80x50 mm8050185
Polyester Labels white80x55 mm8055185
Polyester Stickers white80x70 mm8070185
Stickers Polyester white80x150 mm80149,6185
Polyester Labels white82x58 mm8258190
Polyester Stickers white84x28 mm8428190
Stickers Polyester white90x40 mm90401100
Polyester Labels white90x45 mm90451105
Polyester Stickers white90x60 mm90601105
Stickers Polyester white90x60 mm90601105
Polyester Labels white95x12 mm94,511,51105
Polyester Stickers white95x80 mm95801110
Stickers Polyester white98x22 mm98221105
Polyester Labels whiteØ 99 R mm98,698,61105
Polyester Stickers white100x17 mm100171105
Stickers Polyester white100x20 mm100201110
Polyester Labels white100x28 mm100281105
Polyester Stickers white100x35 mm100351105
Stickers Polyester white100x40 mm100401105
Polyester Labels white100x50 mm100501105
Polyester Stickers white100x60 mm100601105
Stickers Polyester white100x60 mm100601220
Polyester Labels white100x65 mm100651105
Polyester Stickers white100x70 mm100701105
Stickers Polyester white100x80 mm100801105
Polyester Labels white100x99 mm100991105
Polyester Stickers white100x150 mm100149,91105
Stickers Polyester white100x185 mm1001851105
Polyester Labels white105x15 mm105151115
Polyester Stickers white105x52 mm105521107
Stickers Polyester white105x74 mm105741230
Polyester Labels white106x48 mm106481112
Polyester Stickers white106x72 mm106721112
Stickers Polyester white115x43 mm115431120
Polyester Labels white120x90 mm120901130
Polyester Stickers white140x110 mm1401101146
Stickers Polyester white210x148 mm2101481216