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Safety labels

Our safety labels are the right choice for all situations where manipulation needs to be securely shown or even prevented. We differentiate between safety films (SF), seal labels made from document foils (DF) and labels manufactured from conventional films which – with the help of safety perforations – are transformed to safety labels. The safety films (SF) are resistant, provide a reliable indication if attempts are made to remove them without being destroyed. The information on the label will remain intact. Our seal labels made from document foils (DF) are labels which cannot be removed in one piece once they have been applied. Any manipulation attempt will definitely destroy the label and a transferring is therefore excluded. Fort he labels with safety perforations (SA) we combine the original properties of the material (high and low temperature, chemical resistance etc.) with the characteristics of a safety label.

+++ New : Removable safety-labels +++

You think it is a contradiction in itself?

We would like to convince you of the contrary with our new safety-foil, for example SF-BL 03. The foils stick reliably on a variety of surfaces. When attempting to remove them the wording VOID appears in the material. No adhesive residues or label-pieces remain on the packaging or rather on the product. Attempted manipulations are securely shown. We will gladly send you samples of our SF-labels.