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Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons enable the thermal transfer printing. With this printing process a very high quality printing is achivied based on the appropriate ribbons. The printing is very resitant to mechanical impact and chemical influences. For a optimal print it is important that the printer, the ribbon and the label are made compatible. It should be noted that good ribbons protect the printhead from high wear by applying a special coating. It is not the case for „low-priced“ ribbons. A higher printhead wear, a standstill of production and repair times are not compesated by the supposed savings.

We will be happy to advise you the matching ribbon for your application.

Wax ribbon

The wax-based ribbons are often used for short-term applications as for transport and logistics. They have a very high percentage of wax portion which ensure a very good printability. The imprint is less wipe resistant. The wax-based ribbons are mainly used for printing on paper labels.

Wax-resin ribbon

Wax-resin ribbons are hybride films which combine the advantages of wax based ribbons and resin based ribbons. They are suitable for printing both on paper and plastic labels. The printing with wax-resin based ribbons is more resistant than wax based ribbons.

Resin ribbon

The resin based ribbons are the first choice for extremely resistant imprints. They mainly consist of resin and require mostly a little more heat during printing. These ribbons are exclusively applied for printing of foil-labels.

Special ribbons

Our ribbon C30, in combination with our material CBF, gives you the possibility to create labels resistant to chemicals and very resistant to abrasion. The application of a protective laminate is not necessary!

You achieve optimal printing results with our ribbon F23 in combination with our high-temperature labels HTF-W 02 and HTF-W03.