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Inkjet labels

Bezeichnung BreiteHöheReihenRollenbreite
Label for Inkjetprinter26x37 mm2637394
Label for Inkjet-PrinterØ 30 R mm30323105
Inkjet-Label38x23 mm3823144
Inkjetlabel40x20 mm4020190
Label for Inkjetprinter40x25 mm4025148
Label for Inkjet-Printer45x20 mm4520156
Inkjet-Label45x20 mm4520160
Inkjetlabel45x23 mm4523156
Label for Inkjetprinter45x30 mm4530154
Label for Inkjet-Printer47x38 mm4938153
Inkjet-Label48x24 mm4824156
Inkjetlabel49x38 mm4938156
Label for Inkjetprinter50x20 mm5020156
Label for Inkjet-Printer50x22 mm5022156
Inkjet-Label50x30 mm5030156
Inkjetlabel50x35 mm5035156
Label for Inkjetprinter50x50 mm5050156
Label for Inkjet-Printer50x150 mm50149,51100
Inkjet-Label51x25 mm50,825,4156
Inkjetlabel52x28 mm5228156
Label for Inkjetprinter52x38 mm5238156
Label for Inkjet-Printer53x27 mm5327157
Inkjet-Label53x30 mm5330157
Inkjetlabel55x30 mm5530159
Label for Inkjetprinter55x35 mm5535165
Label for Inkjet-Printer58x28 mm5828165
Inkjet-Label60x20 mm6020170
Inkjetlabel60x33 mm6032,5170
Label for Inkjetprinter60x34 mm6034170
Label for Inkjet-Printer60x36 mm60361135
Inkjet-Label60x40 mm6040170
Inkjetlabel60x45 mm 6045170
Label for Inkjetprinter60x48 mm6048166
Label for Inkjet-PrinterØ 60 R mm6060165
Inkjet-Label60x250 mm60250170
Inkjetlabel65x26 mm6526170
Label for Inkjetprinter70x25 mm7025,4180
Label for Inkjet-Printer70x32 mm 7032180
Inkjet-Label70x40 mm7040180
Inkjetlabel70x45 mm 7045180
Label for Inkjetprinter70x50 mm7050180
Label for Inkjet-Printer70x60 mm7060180
Inkjet-Label70x150 mm70149,9180
Inkjetlabel72x22 mm 7222180
Label for Inkjetprinter72x35 mm7235180
Label for Inkjet-Printer73x36 mm 72,935,8180
Inkjet-Label74x26 mm7426180
Inkjetlabel74x37 mm7437180
Label for Inkjetprinter75x35 mm7535180
Label for Inkjet-Printer75x45 mm7545181
Inkjet-Label76x50 mm75,549,5185
Inkjetlabel76x25 mm 76,225,4180
Label for Inkjetprinter76x51 mm76,250,8180
Label for Inkjet-Printer80x25 mm8025185
Inkjet-Label80x30 mm8030185
Inkjetlabel80x40 mm8040185
Label for Inkjetprinter80x45 mm8045186
Label for Inkjet-Printer80x50 mm8050185
Inkjet-Label80x55 mm8055185
Inkjetlabel80x70 mm8070185
Label for Inkjetprinter80x150 mm80149,6185
Label for Inkjet-Printer82x58 mm8258190
Inkjet-Label84x28 mm8428190
Inkjetlabel90x40 mm90401100
Label for Inkjetprinter90x45 mm90451105
Label for Inkjet-Printer90x60 mm90601105
Inkjet-Label90x60 mm90601105
Inkjetlabel95x80 mm95801110
Label for Inkjetprinter98x22 mm98221105
Label for Inkjet-PrinterØ 99 R mm98,698,61105
Inkjet-Label100x20 mm100201110
Inkjetlabel100x28 mm100281105
Label for Inkjetprinter100x35 mm100351105
Label for Inkjet-Printer100x40 mm100401105
Inkjet-Label100x50 mm100501105
Inkjetlabel100x60 mm100601105
Label for Inkjetprinter100x60 mm100601220
Label for Inkjet-Printer100x65 mm100651105
Inkjet-Label100x70 mm100701105
Inkjetlabel100x80 mm100801105
Label for Inkjetprinter100x99 mm100991105
Label for Inkjet-Printer100x150 mm100149,91105
Inkjet-Label100x185 mm1001851105
Inkjetlabel105x52 mm105521107
Label for Inkjetprinter105x74 mm105741230
Label for Inkjet-Printer106x48 mm106481112
Inkjet-Label106x72 mm106721112

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