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Security labels for Epson inkjet printers

Security labels for Epson inkjet printers 01

Inkjet-Sicherheitsetiketten 01

Security labels for Epson inkjet printers 02

Inkjet-Sicherheitsetiketten 02

Security labels for Epson inkjet printers 03

Inkjet-Sicherheitsetiketten 03

 Security labels for Epson inkjet printers04

Inkjet-Sicherheitsetiketten 04

Wherever tampering is to be reliably indicated or even prevented, our security labels for inkjet printers from our security film white SF-WM 11 are the right choice. The safety film SF is resistant and reliably indicates a peel-off attempt without being destroyed. The information on the label is retained.


  • Label remains readable after manipulation attempt
  • The label splits open when an attempt is made to peel it off, part of the label remains on the substrate
  • Very good printability
  • High adhesive strength
  • Temperature resistance -40°C to +80 °C

Areas of application:

  • Seal label
  • Type plates
  • Serial numbers
  • Protection against warranty fraud
  • Protection against manipulation

Suitable printer and software:

Epson ColorWorks C-3500, CW-C6000, CW-C6500 oder -7500



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